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Change faces every business from Semiconductors to New Media, from Telecommunications to Food Production.  Change is needed to grow, improve margins, remain competitive, secure market share but up-to 92% of change projects fail in at least one major area.

Business Transformers Ltd provides

consultancy, coaching & interim executive  

services to:-            



Business Transformers Ltd delivers business improvement/change management & NPI projects for both established and new businesses.  

Outcomes on average can include:-

* 40X ROI

* 50% Reduction in lead time

* 25% Reduction in Inventory

* 75% reduction in quality costs

* 13% improvement in Gross Margin

* 50% reduction in Innovation Cycles

* Effective whole company change (eg. R&D to full trade, change of market etc.)

* Recovery of slipping projects


Ensuring that skills, people, business processes and infrastructure work together to deliver maximum return & customer service.

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Our services include:-
Technology Audit, Readiness for Growth Audit, Interim Change Management, Interim Project Management, Business Process Improvement, Strategy Development & Implementation, Business Coaching & Mentoring, Mediation & ADR.  

Our emphasis is on niche, and technology businesses seeking improved business performance often due to changes of market, product, funding etc.

Some services may be full or part funded by UK & European Government - we can help with this as well as registered on many schemes.

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“Robin (of Business Transformers Ltd) is a very experienced consultant who gets to the crux of a business very quickly. He quickly analyses the areas that need improvemen and offers workable solutions to problems. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any business.” Eric Nicholls MD Spiral Construction Ltd

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It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change (Charles Darwin)

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What We Do
What We Do

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Robin (of Business Transformers Ltd) has done an outstanding job documenting and improving the manufacturing processes and infrastructure at our company, Natural Instinct. Karl Brackhaus, Chairman, Natural Instinct Ltd.