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Change faces every business from Semiconductors to New Media, from Telecommunications to Food Production.  Change is needed to grow, improve margins, remain competitive, secure market share but up-to 92% of change projects fail in at least one major area.

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News Letters

Business Health Check Methodology - the Interim Way  

Intellectual Property Protection
Strategy for Everybody - How to Build a Good Strategy
How to Respond to Business Change and Drive Profit

Simple Management Techniques REALLY Work tatata

The Impact of the Sacred Cow

New year Plans and Illusion

Of God & Elephants

Don’t forget the big picture

Young Entrepreneurs say dat is the biz

If I was going there I would not start from here

The P&L is not Enough (1)

The P&L is not Enough (2)

Invest in Processes as well as people

Presentations/Data Sheets

A guide to patent procedures and costs

Why Change and Innovation fail to deliver £

Greiners Model of Business Evolution

Business Improvement & the Sacred Cow