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Change faces every business from Semiconductors to New Media, from Telecommunications to Food Production.  Change is needed to grow, improve margins, remain competitive, secure market share but up-to 92% of change projects fail in at least one major area.

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Change Management Challenges. Donec est nunc!

Change management is increasingly a part of everyday business whether it is necessitated by growth, restructuring, new product, new target market, new customer requirements.

Various studies suggest that upto 90% of change management projects fail to meet at least one of the major goals.

Only 16% of these failures are associated with the major change elements (new product/site etc.).  The balance of causes lie with the inability of other parts of the business to deal effectively and profitably with the change such as:-

 * Project Creep                               * Inadequate Cost Control

 * Regulatory Compliance                 * People Issues

 * Lack of Focus                                * Lack of Metrics

 * Poor Goal Setting                          * Supply Chain

 * IP protection

InWe help clients improve their bottom line by helping them:- hac habitasse platea dictumst.

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We help clients improve their bottom line by helping them:-

Business Transformers mostly work as Interim Executives (managers) taking full responsibility for metrics, methods and implementation, and coaching as necessary, however services are also available on a consultancy basis.

Business Transformers has successfully completed projects involving:-

Business Transformers has a record of delivering excellent value for money with a 40X ROI